The group

The story of a group born to inspire people.
The is a Portuguese business group, with an international presence and which primarily operates in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, but also in complementing areas that reinforce and enhance the value of the solutions offered to the market.

With in-depth and extensive knowledge and experience in the technological sector at a local and global level, the includes a diversified series of businesses.
The action of the is driven by a strong set of values – Ambition, Humility, Persistence, Integrity and Change – always seeking to meet the real needs of its clients. 

The successful results achieved throughout our history speak for us!
In Portugal, we are proud to be the biggest group dedicated to Information Technologies.
An ambition that has been with us since the beginning and destined us to be market leaders.
At a global scale, we are leading a long term revolution in Education, democratizing the access to information and technology which inspire equality and knowledge daily, and that has already changed the lives of millions of students, hundreds of communities and dozens of countries.